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Case Studies

One of the biggest producers of soft drinks in the U.S. which has a large presence in Mexico wanted to transition their Service Desk to another vendor.

The most significant reason for the decision related to a high volume of incidents that were not solved by the first level of support. This resulted in an increase to onsite assistance which increased the overall cost of the project and reflected a low customer satisfaction score for IT.

The Challenge
  • Make a smooth transition from the older service provider.
  • Improve customer satisfaction (> 90% rated as excellent)
  • Maintain bilingual capabilities (English and Spanish)
  • Lower the volume of tickets escalated to onsite support. (Approximately 14% of the calls were being escalated)

After a thorough analysis of random months of operation over the last 3 years, it became obvious that there was a cultural issue and lack of action towards improving the service. Informal interviews with random end users helped pinpoint a probable cause to the problem: users didn't feel totally comfortable talking to the Service Desk team.

Their willingness to troubleshoot over the phone was low and the perception was that the Service Desk had limited motivation to be responsive.

Near Contact rolled out a meticulous plan to implement a support structure that could radically change the perception among end users. ITIL best practices were the guide to establish a better rapport with the end users. But the key was the training before taking the first call. Our training program (which includes QoS, telephone etiquette, ITIL awareness, stress management and teamwork) had a tremendous impact on the way end users were treated by the 1st line of support. The required bilingual capabilities were established and the volume of escalated tickets to onsite support was tackled through different strategies:

1. Documentation: The Service Desk now owns more data which empowers our tier 1 team to deliver more services in less time.
2. Automation: As a top 10 incident from the incident management process; password reset was automated. That by itself represented more than 20% of the calls.
3. Knowledge: The development of a "Runbook", like the bible for our support team. With that, a new agent can be up to speed in less than 72 hrs.

By comparing the results of the previous provider over the same period of time for the previous year, we were able to measure the improvements:
1. We reduced the calls escalated to dispatch almost by half.
2.We have maintained an average of 94% customer satisfaction rated as good/excellent

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